How to be Self-Employed in the Entrepreneuerial Spirit.
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Learn How to Be Self Employed and Become Your Own Boss!

We are exposing many great business opportunities that can actually make you money and help you to become self-employed - the legal way.

So ... You Want to Be Self-Employed ???

This website is dedicated to becoming self-employed. I am self-employed and I have been for most of my life. There is a lot of good money out there - you just have to know how to find it ... or have it find YOU!

Figure Out How Much Money You Need

If you're thinking about becoming self-employed, you will first need to ask yourself ... How much money do I need each month in order to get all of the monthly bills paid.

Be Realistic Here - If you need lots of cash, you'll want to know exactly how much money you'll have to earn.

Being self-employed has lots of pitfalls - no insurance, no benefits (well, other than working your own schedule and setting your own hours) but it will take it's toll on any new business owner if your finances are out of control.

So, before going any further, make a list of your monthly expenses. I'll give you mine to use as an example:

Adjust the list so that it reflects your current expenses and this is the amount of cash that you will need to earn to be able to stay in business.